We reopen in JUNE 2023 with strawberries, baked goods, honey, milk, eggs, seasonal produce, maple syrup, dry goods, and more.

Thanks for a great season! See you in JUNE 2023 when we start off with strawberry season, featuring fresh-picked berries at our market OR pick your own berries in our strawberry patch (ALL AGES welcome).

2023 reopen dates and hours of operation will be announced in MAY.

MID JUNE through early JULY:
STRAWBERRY season (fresh picked at our market or pick your own).
(fresh picked at our market or pick your own on selected dates during peak bloom times).
PEACH, STONE FRUIT & PEAR season (fresh picked at our market or pick your own peaches on selected dates).
APPLE & RASPBERRY season (fresh picked at our market or pick your own on selected dates).
APPLE, SQUASH, and PUMPKIN season (fresh picked at our market or pick your own APPLES on selected dates).

CLICK HERE to visit our FACEBOOK page for WEEKLY updates and FEATURE SPECIALS during our seasonally open times.

Hanulcik Farm Market, Apple & Peach Orchard, Strawberry, Raspberry & Sunflower Patch:
47 Dildine Road (on the corner of Dildine & M-66), IONIA MI 48846
PHONE: (616) 527-3630.


We are a “HYPERLOCAL” FARM MARKET: “Hyperlocal” refers to products that are grown or made in a community’s local area.  Almost all of the produce and products we carry are grown or made right here on our farm OR sourced from other partner farms and small businesses in Ionia and the surrounding area…from our farm market to your table!

PLEASE NOTE: Rainy/stormy weather can affect picking conditions and sometimes demand can exceed supply of ripened fruit in the patch or orchard, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead (616) 527-3630 for the fastest updates and to check pick-your-own conditions before you come out. All ages welcome, so bring the kids and grandkids (sorry, no pets allowed).

SUNFLOWERS: Our pick your own sunflower patch reopens in late summer 2023 for the FIRST bloom, with additional staggered bloom dates to be announced. 2023 varieties will be fancy, pollenless sunflowers in a several color choices. These pollen-free varieties don’t shed pollen dust and last longer than regular sunflowers. Bloom times are staggered for different peak dates. The patch is open during market hours when in peak bloom times, please stop at the market to borrow clippers and a pail to pick your own.

The sunflower patch is also available for photo shoots when in bloom. We charge a flat fee of only $25 to rent the patch for family, engagement, graduation, or baby photos. Plus you can pick a pail full of sunflowers with your patch rental. Please contact us for details or to make an appointment to rent the patch.

We grow over 20 APPLE varieties ripening from September through late October; including HONEYCRISP, GALA, LUDACRISP, McINTOSH, MUTSU, FUJI, GOLDEN DELICIOUS, RED DELICIOUS, PAULA RED, PINK LADY, ROSA LEE, SWEET ZINGER, JONAGOLD, ZESTAR, SWEET MAIA, and the hard to find heirloom NORTHERN SPY.

Savor the flavor of autumn with our delicious, locally-grown tree-ripened apples harvested at the peak of ripeness. If you’re searching for “apple orchards near me”, we’re located in the West Michigan/Central Michigan area, between Grand Rapids and Lansing. We also carry honey, maple syrup, dry goods, goat milk soaps,eggs, milk,and a variety of in-season vegetables and seasonal locally made apple cider throughout the late summer/autumn/fall harvest season.

Autumn through Halloween: Be sure to check out our wide variety of PUMPKINS and jack o’ lanterns — in classic orange, white, blue/gray, or green colors; and assorted textures from smooth to fun “bumpy” skins. We have pumpkins for every style and decor inside and outside your home!

PICKING YOUR OWN fruit is a fun family activity. All ages are welcome in the strawberry, sunflower, and raspberry patches, peach & apple orchards, and “taste testing” is encouraged while you pick. Sorry, but no pets are allowed. Our apple orchards have smaller dwarf trees, making it fast & easy to pick apples right from the ground, no ladders required!
ALL AGES welcome in the strawberry patch, peach or apple orchards, so bring the kids and grandkids! Feel free to bring your containers to pick in to or buy supplies at the farm.

The pick your own patch and orchards are open on selected dates and hours. Hours and dates of operation for each of our main fruit harvests are announced close to each harvest date. From our farm to your table: Savor the flavor of fresh-picked MICHIGAN GROWN strawberries, raspberries, peaches and apples in season; OR pick-your own and SAVE!

PLEASE NOTE: The pick your own patch & orchard may close due to inclement weather (like pouring rain or thunderstorms in the spring, and snow, hail, or wind storms in the fall). We always recommend you call the ahead to confirm picking conditions if there is bad weather. Since rainy/stormy weather can affect picking conditions and sometimes demand can exceed supply of fruit available, it’s always a good idea to call ahead (616) 527-3630 to check pick-your-own conditions before you come out.

PICK YOUR OWN ORCHARD INFO: Please be aware and careful as you walk through the orchard for branches and fallen fruit on the ground. Our apple orchard has dwarf trees that are easy to pick from. Our peach orchard has regular size trees, but there is low hanging fruit you can reach from the ground. You may also bring your own ladder (but you would assume all risk, should you do so). Always use care when walking in the orchard & fields, recognizing that there may be debris on the ground or uneven surfaces. (FYI: We do not assume responsibility for any injury arising out of a condition of the soil, trees, crops growing from it, and are not responsible for these conditions).

Please call the market at (616) 527-3630 to place your advance orders and ask about our new drive up service. Simply drive up to a designated area to pay for and pick up your advance order, without leaving your car when you use the new drive up service.

Michigan APPLES: A Flavor Worth Waiting For!

From our FARM to your TABLE: We grow over TEN DELICIOUS varieties ripening throughout the season running from mid-September through October. Our early, mid and late season APPLES start with “Gala” and span the season with later varieties like “HoneyCrisp”, and hard to find heirloom “Northern Spy” apples. Our varieties are excellent for eating fresh, salads, desserts, applesauce, homemade apple butter, perfect for your favorite recipes. Savor the flavor of FALL with delicious MICHIGAN GROWN apples.


  • Cash & Personal Checks.
  • Visa and MasterCard CREDIT or DEBIT cards.
  • Senior Project Fresh coupons.
  • WIC Project FRESH coupons.
  • Bridge Card.

Our farm market also carries locally-sourced honey & maple syrup, a line of locally-made goat milk soaps (infused with wonderful scents), and locally grown in-season produce.

Pick your own hours are weather dependent. Please call the market at (616) 527-3630 for updates on picking conditions.


PICK-YOUR-OWN APPLE ORCHARD / DILDINE ROAD (1/4 mile west of our farm market)

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We are a third generation FRUIT FARM & FARM MARKET with locally-grown seasonal fruit from our farm to your family’s table since 1936. Our farm has been owned and operated by the same family for over 80 years in Ionia, Michigan.

Our market is open seasonally during harvest times, with both fresh-picked and pick-your-own fruit starting in mid-June-early July with our delicious STRAWBERRIES, PEACHES in late July through mid September, and APPLES starting mid-September through October. APPLE VAREITIES include Honeycrisp Gala, Northern Spy, and more. Visit our local farm and market for fresh seasonal fruits harvested at their peak of freshness, locally sourced honey, maple syrup,and scented goat milk soaps.