APPLE SEASON: Late August – October (with pumpkins, cider, autumn produce, harvest decor, and MORE).

We grow over 30 APPLE varieties, including:
* Honeycrisp
* Heirloom Northern Spy
* Ludacrisp
* Crimson Crisp
* Golden Delicious
* Gala
* McIntosh
* Pink Lady
* Fuji
* Jonagold

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PLEASE visit our home page OR our Facebook page for info on upcoming selected weekend dates for PICK YOUR OWN apples.

(for ALL varieties EXCEPT HONEYCRISP):
– PECK: $9.                                           


– PECK: $15.

(for ALL varieties EXCEPT HONEYCRISP):
– PECK:$ [to be announced in autumn 2023].
– HALF-BUSHEL: $ [to be announced in autumn 2023].

– PECK: $ [to be announced in autumn 2023].
– HALF-BUSHEL: $ [to be announced in autumn 2023].

CLICK HERE to check our Facebook page for updates on specials & other info.

Our PICK YOUR OWN APPLE ORCHARD is open on SELECTED WEEKENDS ONLY in Sept./Oct. 2023. Please visit our HOME PAGE for info on selected DATES, ORCHARD LOCATION & TIMES for pick your own apples. PICK YOUR OWN apples is a fun FALL family activity. Our orchard has smaller dwarf trees, making it fast & easy to pick apples, with no ladders required! All ages are welcome in the orchard, so bring the kids & grand kids! “Taste testing” is encouraged while you pick. REMINDER: No pets allowed in the pick your own patch or orchards. Savor the flavor of fresh-picked MICHIGAN GROWN apples OR pick-your own and SAVE!

PLEASE NOTE: The pick your own orchard may close due to inclement weather (snow, hail, storms, or pouring rain), and sometimes demand can exceed supply of fruit available, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead (616) 527-3630 and check pick-your-own conditions in the orchard before you come out.

Feel free to bring your own containers to pick in to, or buy picking bags at the orchard.
– Heavy-duty plastic 1/2 bushel LINERS: $1 each.
– U-pick PECK PAPER BAGS: .50 cents each.

PICK YOUR OWN ORCHARD INFO: Please be aware and careful as you walk through the orchard for branches and fallen fruit on the ground. Our apple orchard has dwarf trees that are easy to pick from. Always use care when walking in the orchard & fields, recognizing that there may be debris on the ground or uneven surfaces. (FYI: We do not assume responsibility for any injury arising out of a condition of the soil, trees, crops growing from it, and are not responsible for these conditions). PICK YOUR OWN APPLES by special appointment is also available, please call (616) 527-3630 to arrange an appointment outside of our scheduled hours. Rainy/stormy weather can affect picking conditions, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead (616) 527-3630 and check pick-your-own conditions in the orchard before you come out.

We take advance APPLE ORDERS:
Please call the market at (616) 527-3630 to place your advance orders.

Our market also carries locally sourced honey, maple syrup products, squash, scented goat milk soaps, pumpkins, cider, autumn produce, decorative gourds, decorative harvest corn bunches, peppers, broom corn stalks, and more during APPLE HARVEST SEASON in September through October.

PICK UP YOUR OWN DROPS: Ever wonder what happens to all those apples that fall off the tree and end up on the ground in an apple orchard? We call them “DROPS.” Some of the fruit might be in OK condition, some get bruised, cracked or pick up a little dirt; but they’re GREAT for HORSE APPLES. So at the end of the season after the “pick your own” orchard closes, we often open up the orchard for people who want to “pick UP their own” drops at a great price for their horses and other livestock.
“PICK UP YOUR OWN DROPS” event is usually in LATE OCTOBER at the DILDINE ROAD orchard.
-Announced in late October.
“PICK UP YOUR OWN” DROPS date/hours:
– Announced in late October.
(Please watch our HOME page or FACEBOOK page for updates on the “pick up your own drops” event).
– Heavy-duty plastic 1/2 bushel size LINERS: $1 each.
– U-pick PECK SIZE PAPER BAGS: .50 cents each.
You can also bring your own 5 gallon buckets  to pick up your own drops. A 5 gallon bucket is approximately a half-bushel of apples.

Pick your own hours can be affected by the weather, so it’s always best to call ahead to make sure rain or inclement weather has not affected regular hours. Call (616) 527-3630 for updates. ALL AGES welcome in the strawberry patch or orchards, feel free to bring your containers to pick in to. Sorry, no pets allowed.

During apple season, our farm market stocks fresh-picked apples, locally sourced cider, squash, peppers, honey, maple syrup & maple sugars, pumpkins, mums, decorative gourds, broom corn stalks, and more


PICK-YOUR-OWN APPLE ORCHARD (Dildine Road orchard/location #2)

Michigan APPLES: A Flavor Worth Waiting For!

From our FARM to your TABLE: We grow over 10 DELICIOUS varieties ripening throughout the season. Our early, mid and late season apples start with “Gala” and span the season with later varieties like “HoneyCrisp”, hard to find heirloom “Northern Spy”, and “Golden Delicious”. Our varieties are excellent for eating fresh, salads, desserts, applesauce, homemade apple butter, and perfect for your favorite recipes.


  • GALA: Crisp apple with a mellow sweet taste and aroma, excellent for eating fresh. Cooks well, too. Harvest time: Early September.
  • McINTOSH: Lightly tart flavor and ultra-juicy. Great for eating fresh, fruit salads, pies and applesauce, they cook down like a Paula Red. Harvest time: Early September.
  • GOLDEN DELICIOUS: Premier baking apple, pleasantly tart and gingery-smooth sweet flavor. Holds shape well when baked, excellent for pies, sauces and other baked desserts. Great dried OR fresh in salads. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • RED DELICIOUS: Excellent fresh eating apple with a full-flavored sweet taste. Yellowish flesh and crisp texture. Their deep red color and picture-perfect look makes them a great centerpiece in a fruit bowl. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • NORTHERN SPY: A classic, hard-to-find, old-fashioned heirloom style apple. Great baking apple, pleasantly tart and sweet, cooks and holds shape well when baked. The Northern Spy easily substitutes for a Granny Smith apple in recipes. Also excellent dried OR fresh in salads. Stores well. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • HONEY CRISP: Crisp, delicious sweetness, great apple for eating fresh or in salads or with fruit dips. Harvest time: Mid-September.

Autumn’s favorite fruit is great for packing in lunches, snacking with peanut butter; and to add flavor to salads, desserts and even meat dishes. Try some fresh apple slices on your next grilled cheese, add chopped apples to store-bought coleslaw, or brush some halved apples with melted butter on the grill at your next BBQ (then drizzle with honey & dust with cinnamon) for an easy farm-to-table dessert sure to impress guests.

For three generations we’ve grown and perfected apples on our local family-owned farm in Ionia MI. We’re proud of our sweet, crisp and delicious Michigan apples picked at their peak of ripeness. Not only are apples are delicious and nutritious, but they’re high in disease-fighting antioxidants. Recent studies have focused on the heart health benefits and anti-cancer properties of several popular Michigan apple varieties.

Need a large order of ready-picked apples for a party, celebration or special event? We welcome special orders! Please call the market to place your order.

VISIT our RECIPES page for our favorite sweet and savory APPLE recipes, including applesauce, salads, meat dishes with apples, and more.

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Our market is open seasonally during harvest times, with both fresh-picked and pick-your-own fruit starting in mid-June-early July with our delicious STRAWBERRIES, PEACHES in late July through mid September, and APPLES starting mid-September through October. APPLE VAREITIES include Honeycrisp Gala, heirloom Northern Spy, and more. Visit our local farm and market for fresh seasonal fruits harvested at their peak of freshness, locally sourced honey, maple syrup, and scented goat milk soaps.