2018 APPLE SEASON is in progress NOW through October

Visit Hanulcik Farm Market and pick your own orchard for fresh-picked apples OR to pick your own! We grow several varieties that ripen and span the season from mid-September through October.

We are open now for APPLE SEASON, with PICK YOUR OWN apples at our Dildine Road orchard and fresh-picked apples at the farm market on North State Road. Our pick-your-own orchard is open to ALL AGES, so bring the whole family for a kid-friendly, fun apple picking good time starting in mid-September.

Our Farm Market is located at 1425 State Rd. in Ionia, and is open FOUR days a week.
Fresh-picked GALA, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Empire, Northern Spy, Red & Golden Delicious are available NOW.
Farm market hours & dates of operation are:
– THURSDAY 11:00 am-5:00pm.
– FRIDAY 9:00am-5:00pm.
– SATURDAY 9:00am-5:00pm.
– SUNDAY 11:00am-5:00pm.

OCT. 12-14 is the FINAL WEEKEND of the 2018 season for pick your own apples. The NEW PICK YOUR OWN orchard location is located at 740 Dildine Road and is open THREE days a week.
The P-Y-O orchard is right around the corner and down the road, about 1/4 mile from the market. The pick your own orchard is open THREE DAYS A WEEK (FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY Oct. 12-14) this final weekend of the season. Pick-your-own varieties available for the final weekend of the season are Gala, Northern Spy, Red & Golden Delicious.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to excessive rain our orchard lane/road conditions are still a bit soft, so an all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle may be required to drive out in to the orchard. We will offer bins of Northern Spy, Golden & Red Delicious right at the barn for you to “pick” from, no 4-wheel drive needed.
Pick-your-own hours & dates of operation are:
– FRIDAY OCT. 12: 9:00am-5:00pm.
– SATURDAY OCT. 13: 9:00am-5:00pm.
– SUNDAY OCT. 14: 11:00am-5:00pm.




  • GALA: Crisp apple with a mellow sweet taste and aroma, excellent for eating fresh. Cooks well, too. Harvest time: Early September.
  • EMPIRE: Known for their lovely white color and sweetly-tart depth of flavor. Firm texture stores well. Great as a lunch box snack! A delicious fresh eating apple, also good in salads, as caramel apples and for baking. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • McINTOSH: Lightly tart flavor and ultra-juicy. Great for eating fresh, fruit salads, pies and applesauce, they cook down like a Paula Red. Harvest time: Early September.
  • GOLDEN DELICIOUS: Premier baking apple, pleasantly tart and gingery-smooth sweet flavor. Holds shape well when baked, excellent for pies, sauces and other baked desserts. Great dried OR fresh in salads. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • RED DELICIOUS: Excellent fresh eating apple with a full-flavored sweet taste. Yellowish flesh and crisp texture. Their deep red color and picture-perfect look makes them a great centerpiece in a fruit bowl. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • NORTHERN SPY: A classic, hard-to-find, old-fashioned heirloom style apple. Great baking apple, pleasantly tart and sweet, cooks and holds shape well when baked. The Northern Spy easily substitutes for a Granny Smith apple in recipes. Also excellent dried OR fresh in salads. Stores well. Harvest time: Mid-September to early October.
  • HONEY CRISP: Crisp, delicious sweetness, great apple for eating fresh or in salads or with fruit dips. Harvest time: Mid-September.

Autumn’s favorite fruit is great for packing in lunches, snacking with peanut butter; and to add flavor to salads, desserts and even meat dishes. Try some fresh apple slices on your next grilled cheese, add chopped apples to store-bought coleslaw, or brush some halved apples with melted butter on the grill at your next BBQ (then drizzle with honey & dust with cinnamon) for an easy farm-to-table dessert sure to impress guests.

For three generations we’ve grown and perfected apples on our local family-owned farm in Ionia MI. We’re proud of our sweet, crisp and delicious Michigan apples picked at their peak of ripeness. Not only are apples are delicious and nutritious, but they’re high in disease-fighting antioxidants. Recent studies have focused on the heart health benefits and anti-cancer properties of several popular Michigan apple varieties.

Need a large order of ready-picked apples for a party, celebration or special event? We welcome special orders! Please call the market to place your order.

VISIT our RECIPES page for our favorite sweet and savory APPLE recipes, including applesauce, salads, meat dishes with apples, and more.

Please subscribe to email alerts, call or email us for details and up-to date-picking conditions.

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Our market is open seasonally during harvest times starting in June with our delicious STRAWBERRIES, then mid-September through October with a wide variety of APPLES (including Honeycrisp and Northern Spy). PEACH SEASON LAUNCH will be 2019-2020. A NEW peach orchard has been planted. Our trees should be established and producing fruit in a year or two. Visit our local farm and market for fresh seasonal fruits harvested at their peak of freshness, local honey and maple syrup.