STRAWBERRY SEASON starts in June 2024. Please visit our farm starting in June to savor the flavor of summer!

HURRY IN during strawberry season 2024 (from mid June through mid July) to stock up and savor the flavor of summer! Please visit our Facebook page for updates as strawberry season for 2024. ALL AGES are welcome in the pick-your-own patch (open on limited dates while supply lasts), so bring the whole family to pick your own berries, or get them fresh-picked for you at our farm market. Please call 616-527-3630 for updates on strawberries during the 2024 season. REMINDER: No pets allowed in the pick your own patch or orchards.

And be sure to visit us for more delicious, LOCALLY GROWN FRUIT later in the summer after strawberry season wraps up. PEACH SEASON kicks off in late July, and APPLE SEASON starts in mid September. Both will be available fresh-picked for you — or you can pick your own and SAVE on SELECTED weekends. Watch our web site or visit our Facebook page for details on upcoming fruit harvests.

– QUART: [to be announced in May 2024].
– 4 QUART TRAY: [to be announced in May 2024].
– 8 QUART FLAT: [to be announced in May 2024].

[to be announced in May 2024].

Feel free to bring your own containers to pick into, but we also sell pick-your-own berry supplies at the farm. Some people like to pick right in to buckets or colanders so they can rinse their berries off as soon as they get home and start making their favorite recipes or jam. We sell berry quart boxes and pick-your-own trays if you want to pick in to standard containers. Rainy/stormy weather can affect picking conditions and sometimes demand can exceed supply, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead (616) 527-3630 for updates and to check pick-your-own conditions before you come out.
– PICK-YOUR-OWN QUART BOXES: .25 cents each.
– PICK-YOUR-OWN TRAYS: $1.50 each.

CLICK HERE to check our Facebook page for updates on specials & other info.


  • WENDY: Early season variety with large, tasty and aromatic berries and a great fresh flavor.
  • GALLETA: An early season variety with big, flavorful, glossy berries.
  • JEWEL: Mid season variety with large, glossy berries; and a wonderful, delicious flavor that’s a customer favorite.
  • CABOT: Mid-season variety with very LARGE, firm berries and tasty flavor.
  • YAMBU: Mid season variety with a very sweet taste & bright red color..
  • AC VALLEY SUNSET: Late season berry with large, sweet berries.
  • MALWINA: A late season large, firm berry, with a deep red color and excellent flavor.

During our mid June-mid July strawberry season, we have both fresh-picked OR pick-your-own strawberries at the farm market and strawberry patch on North State Road. Our pick-your-own strawberry patch is open to ALL AGES on selected dates, so bring the whole family for a kid-friendly, fun berry-picking good time. We have six varieties ripening throughout the season starting in mid June and running through mid July.

CALL (616) 527-3630 to place advance STRAWBERRY ORDERS


Hanulcik Farm Market & PICK-YOUR-OWN Strawberry Patch location:
47 Dildine Rd (on the corner of Dildine and M-66), IONIA MI 48846 (1.5 miles north of M-21).
Please call (616) 527-3630 to place orders or confirm pick-your-own conditions.

2024 Strawberry Season HOURS OF OPERATION:
Please check our HOME page for hours of operation.

FLAVOR WORTH WAITING FOR: We grow seven DELICIOUS varieties ripening throughout the season, with early varieties starting in mid June; and the mid season/late varieties ripening through the month into mid July. HURRY IN during strawberry season 2024 to stock up and savor the flavor of summer!


  • Cash & Personal Checks.
  • Visa and MasterCard DEBIT or CREDIT cards.
  • Senior Project Fresh coupons.
  • WIC Project FRESH coupons.
  • Bridge Card.

If you want to pick your own berries, rain and other weather can affect picking conditions, so we always recommend you call ahead to confirm patch conditions before you come out to pick your own. Call us at (616) 527-3630.

Need a large order of ready-picked berries for a party, celebration, or special event? We welcome special orders! Please call the market to place your order. We also have recipes for elegant chocolate-dipped strawberries or frozen strawberry daiquiris for your next wedding shower, barbecue, or neighborhood block party. Visit our RECIPES page for these and more creative ways to serve strawberry inspired dishes.


Strawberries taste good and are good for you.  Every juicy strawberry is rich in Vitamin C and beats out citrus fruit ounce-for-ounce.  One serving of eight medium-sized strawberries has a 140% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C. They have no fat grams and there are only 50 calories in one serving.

For three generations we’ve grown and perfected our strawberries on our local family-owned farm in Ionia MI. We’re proud of our reputation for delicious, mouth-watering Michigan grown berries, fresh from the patch. They have a sweet, sun-ripened taste you can only get from berries picked at their peak of ripeness.

CLICK HERE to view local news & great tips on picking your own strawberries.

Please subscribe to email alerts, call (616) 527-3630 or email us for details and up-to date-picking conditions.

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Our market is open seasonally during harvest times, with both fresh-picked and pick-your-own fruit starting in mid-June-early July with our delicious STRAWBERRIES, PEACHES in late July through mid September, and APPLES starting mid-September through October. APPLE VAREITIES include Honeycrisp Gala, Northern Spy, and more. Visit our local farm and market for fresh seasonal fruits harvested at their peak of freshness, locally sourced honey, maple syrup, and scented goat milk soaps.